Princess Village

Luxury town house

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Construction work

We are ready to provide all kinds of construction services.

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You can order our products by contacting us.

Top company in the construction industry

One of the top 100 companies in Mongolia, the best contractor in the construction industry.  Contact us.


BUTI is engaged in construction projects, regional development, urban development and other construction related projects, and consignment of engineering and consulting services related to them, real estate business and others.


Concrete Developments

Construction work

We are engaged in business related to the construction of apartments and houses, consignment of engineering and consulting services related to them.

Finance Assistance

Brick/ Block

You can order good quality blocks and bricks as needed.

Interiorly Designed

Plastic factory

We supply all types of plastic products.

Cost Effective Solutions

Heavy machine

We are renting all heavy machinery for construction work.

Smart Builders


We supply high quality concrete mix meeting international standards.

Quality Infrastructure

Sand gravel

You can order large quantities of sand and gravel for construction that meets MNS standard requirements.