2010 year, “Leading organization for social development”

Mongolian Business Development Gateway

2010 year - Barilga Best Awards 2010 - “Best Construction Company

Mongolian Builders Association, МҮХАҮТ, Барилга.мн - Батламж

2011 year - “Best management leader”

"Esun-Eb Association" Non-government organization

2011 year - Golden tower – “Best construction company”

Minister of Road, Transportation and Construction

2012 year - “Best investor organization”

Khan-Uul district

2014 year - "Top capital city developer" award

National Construction Company

2014 year - “The best organization in the district”

Chingeltei district

2014 year - “Golden Triangle” Best investment and development

Governor of Tuv province

2015 year - Top 100 enterprises

Prime Minister of Mongolia, МҮХАҮТ 

2017 year - Appreciation your cooperation on the new airport construction project